Word search puzzles are a great workout for your brain! These Thanksgiving Word Search printable puzzles will be fun to use. Each word search puzzle uses the same words but the letters have been moved around for each puzzle.

Searching for words is a great way to relax in this busy season! Print them off and keep the kids or grandchildren busy before your Thanksgiving dinner!

Word searches aid with word recognition by helping your brain filter letters into recognizable patterns which in turn helps you to find order and determine meaning.

Thanksgiving Word Search #1

First Thanksgiving Word Search Puzzle

These same puzzle solving skills can help in other areas of your daily life by boosting communications skills, and helping to keep your mind mentally sharp.

Thanksgiving Word Search Puzzle #2

Second Thanksgiving Word Puzzle game

Word search puzzles are always fun and a great way to relax.

Thanksgiving Word Puzzle #3

Each word search puzzle uses the same words but they are in completely different places. There are several words that have a space in them and you’ll find the space in the word puzzle. I think you’ll have fun with these!

Third Thanksgiving word seaarch

Word Search puzzles and games have been proven to help increase memory retention and concentration.

It would be great to print these off and use them for a party or if you are a teacher, these would make a great school activity for the kids.

Print off the PDF file that contains 3 word search puzzles and the solutions to them.

(Hint: words may be hidden forward, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally!)

The solutions are printed on a separate page.

Solutions to the word search puzzles

Here are a few printables that you might enjoy for the Christmas season.

Be sure and save this to one of your Pinterest boards.

Free Thanksgiving Word Search printable puzzles

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